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Portrait photography from one of Colorado's most talented and upcoming fine art nature photographers. Utilizing years of experience in the arts to bring you a one of a kind portrait experience. Photography is such a competitive market and being from the Denver area originally, a photography mecca, I am kept at the top of my game to bring you some of the best quality photography and artistry available.


The Portrait Session Fee: $300

Fun, and relaxed I excel at capturing the best facets of my client’s personalities.

As a nature photographer, I enjoy a less rigid portrait style. Even though I can do poses, I do not feel that these generic and rigid poses brings out the true personality of each individual, often I prefer to have our subjects (especially children) feel that they are free to be themselves (in many cases candid portraits are best). Though poses may be the most flattering for an individuals appearance, they do not show whether the person maybe an outgoing individual or shy, or perhaps a studious person, and that is my goal in portraits. Every attempt will be made to photograph you in the standard poses, but I truly want everyone to be having fun and at ease during the session. So if you enjoy skating, DO NOT leave your skateboard at home.

Prior to the actual portrait session there will be a brief consultation to go over locations and wardrobe requirements, our personal recommendation is something that you will feel most comfortable in or clothing that reflects tastes and personalities the most, even if that means metal t shirts (metal is my favorite genre of music), but for group shots, similar clothing styles and color would be desirable.

Our 1 1/2 hour sessions occur outdoors at select locations on Colorado's Western Slope, employing some of the country's most spectacular scenery. The Western Slope includes the Montrose region.

Portrait sessions are available along the I-70 corridor from Vail to Denver for $75 per hour drive time.


Indoor portraits are available if you have a location you would love to be photographed in. The historic schoolhouse in Battlement Mesa is a highly recommended location for indoor and outdoor shoots, I can set an appointment for the usage of the site for a $50 donation to the Grand Valley Historical Society.

A portrait session is for up to 4 people. Additional people are $20 per person.

After the portrait session is completed we will set up a time to go over the photos taken. This is an in-depth period where your favorite photos will be chosen for printing and framing.

Portrait session fee does not include the actual prints and framing. Prints and framing are additional, see below for details. Portrait session fees are for the time involved in the taking and processing of photos. I am an artist with many years of photography experience including formal education, shooting with high end camera equipment.

 Post Processing of photos:

Post processing is tailored to each and every session, reflecting the individual and attire chosen and the photographers vision. Because of this, all post processing is done in house and will never be outsourced to a 3rd party, it takes a little longer to complete, but it guarantees a quality image that the photographers have total control over and clients demand.

Print packages:

I am currently upgrading my print packages to give you a top of the line 21st century offering, unique and unforgettable



Event photography:


Whether it's a large birthday party or any other milestone in your life that you want to record, or perhaps you are a business needing photos of events or banquets, Perhaps you are hosting a small convention, I can fulfill those needs.

$200 an hour with a 2 hour minimum time frame

$50 an hour for an assistant photographer with the same time minimum

Basic post production (color correction, contrast, exposure correction) included

Online proofing within 24 to 48 hours (depending on length and size of event). Large number of photos takes a significant amount of time to transfer and upload, especially high resolution photos.

unrestricted marketing license (Photographers still hold onto the copyright), high resolution images will be delivered with a flash drive providing greater versatility and reliability. We do not deliver anything on a CD or DVD, they do not live up to my standards of reliability.

$100 an hour full post production on select photos (includes removal of objects, adding objects to a photo, localized adjustments), full post production involves my complete processing workflow starting in Lightroom CC and ending in Photoshop CC

click here to contact me so we can set up a time to go over your needs


Weddings are not available for shooting as of yet, I have plans in the near future to expand to include weddings so keep checking back.