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Ever Look up at the night sky and marveled at it's magnificence? Do you love Photography?
 Do you want to learn how to capture the stunning nighttime sky in all it's glory? I know I do and I try to get out as often as I can to photograph our nighttime skies, and from me you will learn how to as well. I will teach you the steps needed to make each shooting session a successful one.





Astrophotography Basics Part 1: Shooting the Milky Way


Astrophotography Basics Part 1An introductory to preplanning, shooting and editing the Milky Way

This course is packed full of information

at 3 hours and 13 minutes in length


This first course I will teach you the basics of photographing the Milky Way, our home Galaxy.

The first part of this course will revolve around the planning stages of the shoot. What software or apps are needed and camera settings that are an absolute must.

The second part I will take you into the field as I am taking the photos. In the end of the course I will show some very basic light painting techniques.

The third and final part I will show you basic post processing of the photos starting in Lightroom and ending in Photoshop

I will include many assignments along the way that will not require you to leave your neighborhood, that is until you are ready to go out into the field where the real fun begins.

There is just one catch, you must have basic understanding of photography and a camera that is capable of shooting RAW and manual mode/bulb mode.









Astrophotography Basics Part 2: Merging Two Photos


Night Photography Tutorial. How to photograph the Milky WayAstrophotography Basics Part 2: Merging two photos in Lightroom and PhotoshopContinuation of my first course delving deeper into more advanced editing.

This course's length is 1 hour and 30 minutes


This course is part 2 of my Astrophotography Basics series and involves advanced post processing.

In this course I will teach you how to merge two photos with two different compositions at two different times. One for the Milky Way and another for the foreground to make a single image. Sometimes Photographing the Milky Way above a specific subject matter does not work out, we are not capable of controlling where our home galaxy appears in our sky, so this course will show you how to merge the two photos seamlessly. It is a controversial subject matter in photography, but photography is still an artistic craft that deals more with the vision of the creator than the technical aspect of the camera

At the end I will include my full workflow with a brand new photo, it will be a raw video and will include all the mistakes and errors I may make while editing. This lesson is optional yet highly recommended. It is not listed on the courses length on the left here