Paul's Colorado Photography | Client recommendations

Here is a short list of people I have done business with and their testimonials


Pat Yates
Singer, songwriter at Reynolds and Dunn Music

You won't want to miss seeing the awesome photos Paul takes. He is truly a master in finding just the right moment and creating a spectacular photo. Check out his website. You will be glad you did.



Ken Wyble

Director of Business Development at BreastFriends of Colorado

Paul has by far the most sensational imagery of Colorado I have ever seen. His images are great for both professional and personal collections with both unique and categories of interest where he stands out as having the best in any area. I love hearing stories of his remote camping trips, sometimes just to get that perfect shot with the right light or the proper amount of dew on the leaves. I also really love the shots around Denver in some of the best portrayals of landmarks I have ever seen. Get in touch with Paul and be sure to check out his gallery showings, his work REALLY stands out.



Kelly K. Rush

Gallery Director | Curator | Photographer

Paul Gana is an amazing photographer. He has a keen sense of how to shoot an environment in a way that truly brings out the beauty of nature with limited post-editing. He's shown at the gallery a couple of times and clients, as well as people just passing by, consistently comment on how lovely his photography is and how great it makes them feel.

He's a true artist: passionate and dedicated to his craft.



Ben Newcomb

Co Founder & CEO of Verve Resolutions

I have worked with Paul a couple of different times. He is a great guy to work with.
His passion for photography and the images he can produce with a camera are amazing.



Lee Ferrari Clark

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

I love my picture..... The mountains in the distance and the aspen in their wonderful glowing color, are breathtaking . So many memories are in the photo ...... I have it where I can see it every day !!!! You are so talented